I was 8 years old and was visiting my Grandfather, who owned acres of Coconut farms. Attached to my grandfather’s house was this big shed, that looked like a windowless house. My grandfather stored coconuts in this shed. While playing around one day, I noticed the shed door was slightly ajar. Curious, I entered the coconut shed and was surprised by how dark and scary it was in there. After a few moments when my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw Parla. Parla was my grandfather’s elderly farm worker. He was lifting coconuts from a jute sack and arranging them onto the floor of the shed. I wasn’t sure if he had seen me. So, to acknowledge my presence I called out, “Why is it so dark in here, Parla?”

Without looking up, he said, “Child, you find it dark because you just came in from the sunshine. When you are in here longer, you will find the sunshine wanting to enter through every nook and cranny of this shed.” And he was right, the rays of sunshine that seeped in gave the coconut shed an ambience of peace and tranquility. 

Looking back, I now understand that, Parla’s concept of the darkness in the shed was what life is about. When the going gets tough, it seems like you are in the darkness and you feel disappointed. It seems almost impossible then to look for the light, to look for hope in the nooks and crannies of life. But, even in darkness you can find the light, you can find peace.

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