Simple Life

“Life used to be simple.” I remember my Grandma would often say this when I talked about the latest technologies and trends. At that time, I would retaliate, “But, Grandma, the reason for these technologies is to make our life simpler.” She would simply shrug and give her signature smile. 

My Grandma is no more, but now, being older and little bit wiser, I truly understand what she meant by having a simple life. With the speed in which the world is going, one of the main concern is the Global Climate change. For many years, I have been aware of it, but like everyone I would simply brush it off, telling myself, “I alone cannot do anything about it.” 

But then Greta Thunberg did not think this way. At the age of 16 she has certainly sparked a worldwide awareness and protest which demands a worldwide action especially by the world leaders to bring in a change, to do something about this climate change.  

All over the world school going children have started a campaign called, “Fridays for Future” wherein these children skip school and come out to the streets to raise awareness on climate change.

It is impressive as to how this young girl, Greta, who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome has such strong sense of social justice, speaks her mind and is determined to bring about the change that this unhealthy world needs. As a child if she can be so sure of herself, why do we adults doubt our capabilities. It’s about time that we adults shed our reservations and insecurities and take a strong stand on reviving our earth, our home. Greta is the embodiment of the idea that no matter how small we think we are, we can still make a difference.

As, I have said a number of times, while we as adults are busy teaching our children about life, our children in turn teach us what life is all about. It’s time we sit down and seriously give some thought to what our children want us to do. What everyone ultimately looks forward to is clean air and water, in short a simple life.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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