Being A Child… Again

Remember the time when we laughed at our own silly jokes, believed that we had super powers, screamed,”Me,Me,Me, in class whenever we were asked to volunteer for something, ate jam straight from the jar, jumped into puddles. That used to be fun right?

So, what happened?

When did all that energy and excitement fizzle out? When did we start dreading life’s journey? When did, the happy blue sky turn into an unsettling grey? 

On this journey from childhood to adulthood, we lost some of our very important traits. From a time when our world was all about being happy and enjoying life we have become cynical, boring and unhappy. We are forever stressed, exhausted and our energy and enthusiasm has lost the sparkle 

As kids, we would grow excited over the simplest moments, like when dad came home from work or when mom gave us our favorite dessert after dinner. But today as adults we are less excited and are unable to fully appreciate and enjoy moments in life.

Imagine starting a day with blissful expectation rather than a million worries. Being pleased with everything instead of being annoyed all the time. And swapping fear of what the day might bring to being excited about what the day might unfold.

Rekindle the inner child in you. Live, love, laugh and rediscover this magical world. Be proud of every little success, cherish your loved ones, get playful doing everyday chores, radiate joy and wake up feeling as if every day is the first day of your childhood. 

As for adulthood?……. No thanks.

Let’s get back to being a child again.

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