Let’s Talk About Hate

Everyone talks about love but I would like to reflect on one of the most fundamental human emotion – Hate.

That doesn’t seem right?

You might be thinking, “Oh! we have already got so much hate surrounding us.”

True! but no one talks about it. May be if we did talk about it and understood it more, we might be able to decrease the hatred that dominates the world. I want to stress on the fact that there is actually not much of a difference between love and hate.

Firstly, Both Love and Hate make us act irrationally.

2nd, they cloud our thinking and judgement

3rd, both have sparked wars and poetry

and lastly, both these emotions make our hearts race, pupils dilate and palms sweat.

So, there is indeed a very thin line between love and hate.

There is a tiny region in our brain called the insula. This region becomes active when you see someone or something that you hate, but this region also gets active when you see someone or something you love. In short, the insula has nothing to do with hate or love, it just controls how strongly you feel about things or people.

Now since we are conditioned to feel strongly for something and someone, chances are that a small minor instance can easily change our feelings of hate into feelings of love. All it might need is flick of a switch.

When you see that hated co-worker, or that annoying relative, remember that the emotions you identify as ‘hate’ could just as easily be ‘love’ maybe all it requires is just to get to know the person better.

Every bit of hate or kindness in this world is just a decision. A decision to act and be a certain way. 

Only, you can decide not to hate.

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