A question for the ladies and for some image conscious gentlemen? How long do u spend in front of the mirror? Did you know that the mirror can take away your soul if u stand too long looking at it? If I am to believe this superstition, then I am probably a zombie, because I stand in front of the mirror like forever.

The other day, when my left palm started to itch and I complained to my mom about it, she tells me “Don’t worry, Money is coming your way.” I looked at her and was like, “HUH!!!” “Google it if you don’t believe Me.” was all she said. So I did. And guess what, my mom’s not the only one. Superstitions are everywhere. 

According to “Guru Google,” An itchy palm refers to someone who is greedy. If it’s the right palm, you will lose money and if it’s the left, money is coming your way. So I decided to try my luck and asked my husband money to purchase a diamond necklace. And guess what he said, “NO”. Well! He did not have the guts to directly say no, but as usual he had his vintage excuses. So the itch proved to be a glitch.

So, what’s with superstition? And why do people believe it?

A superstition is anything based on a myth, magic or irrational thoughts. They are also known as old wives tales, legends and traditions. 

The most common superstition that almost all believe in is the black cat crossing your path which leads to bad luck. But did you know that when most people considered these poor cats unlucky the Japanese consider them lucky. So now, I’m seriously confused. If a black cat crosses my path, will that bring me good luck or bad luck. 

The other most common one is the number 13. People are so paranoid about this number that many architects refuse to design stairs that end with 13 steps or a building with 13 floors. And then there is my mom on the other hand is so obsessed with the number that she even wanted 13 kids at one point.

Did you know, bird poop equals riches according to the Russians? But bird poop on my husband’s car equals to him losing his temper. 

From childhood we have heard stories about how the mirror decides your life. Remember snow white’s step mom and her mirror. Well! Some believe that breaking a mirror brings in 7 years of bad luck. “Mirror! Mirror! on the wall!!! Who is the luckiest of them all?” Just wait for the mirror deciding committee to decide your future now.

During a cousin’s wedding I attended recently, it rained heavily all day. The old relatives were quick to blame the bride, stating that, she probably must have eaten food directly from the cooking vessel. That got me thinking, “Ok, so you cook something delicious and you eat alone, God cries on your wedding day?” Hmmmm…. Logical explanation.

Like the mirrors the broom too decides your fate, besides the usual work it does. For instance, you shouldn’t sweep a new house with a new broom. And never sweep during night time. Both are deemed to bring monetary loss. Also, soon after a guest leaves you should not sweep the floor as it might bring bad luck to that guest. So, if the guest has made a mess, ask them to sweep before they leave. It’s all for the benefit of the guest you see.

Lizard falling on your head is said to be a good omen. Now, just the word, “lizard” is enough to make me scream. I would rather prefer bad luck than have one of those slimy wall crawlers sit on my head.

I have always been amazed and amused by superstition beliefs of people. Walking under ladders, opening an umbrella inside the house, sneezing thrice, breaking plates and glasses, all cause bad luck. An old aunt of mine was upset and crying inconsolably one day. Apparently, the reason for her being upset was, that her daughter was gifted an expensive set of knives for her house warming. According to her this gift meant that the daughter’s life would be cut short. The daughter though loved the set of knives but my aunt was sure that disaster was sure to follow.

The definite cure for superstition besides education is rational thinking. Education alone cannot remove deep rooted beliefs, only when people question these beliefs is when superstitions die a natural death. So, for those of you who worry about a twitching eye or an itchy palm, all I can say is beat the itch or the twitch with some good logic. Now, if you guys have any queries, you know where to find me. I will be in front of the mirror. 

Photo by David Bartus from Pexels

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