Sail Away

As a kid playtime for me was always the make believe world. I had plenty of toys and video games of the generation, yet I was extremely fond of the pretend game.

Pretend to be a princess slaying monsters, pretend that my brother was a sister and convince him to dress up as a girl. (Yup! I ruined his childhood), pretend to even invite God as a guest to my tea party. These games kept my hyperactive mind at bay and opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

Among all these pretend games, the sailboat was my favorite. Back in those days, my parents had this coffee table. It was a square oval wooden table with curved steel legs. It wasn’t really beautiful, but I loved it for the purpose it served in my pretend game, especially when it was overturned.

Turning it upside down, it looked like a small sailboat. It was big enough to fit me, a couple of pillows, my favorite soft toy and a few books. I would load the pretend boat with all the things that I felt I would need during my sailing trip and get into the overturned coffee table and sail away.

Sometimes, I would encounter rough seas and sometimes I would simply sit with my fishing rod, which was a long ruler with a string attached to its end. The enchantment of the sparkling sea against the backdrop of the blue sky or the dark night sky with the bright moon and sparkling stars was something I loved to imagine for hours. 

This was one game I never shared with my brother, probably because there simply was no space on my boat or because I just didn’t want him to spoil my solitude by fighting sea monsters on my boat. It was the charm of being all alone at sea with not a soul in sight that lured me to this pretend game.

Today when I look back, I realize that being a kid we are much better equipped to put our troubles aside and just sail away to eternity. Whereas as an adult we are always fretting over deadlines and unpaid bills. Wouldn’t it be nice to pretend again and relearn that childhood trait? So that when life overturns, just sail away. 

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