A New Journey

This whole year I had been on a journey. Not to some exotic location or on an enchanting escape to a serene island but on a crazy journey of self-improvement, better understanding and awareness of the people around me. I have learnt some hard hitting lessons and gone through tough times. I have realized that no one or nothing really is forever and in a way, that’s good. A constant life does not really take you anywhere. Losing some things along the journey of life can be painful but at the same time it helps you grow. It helps you grow stronger and bolder.

I take pride in the lessons that I have learnt last year, the people I had to let go and the things I have lost. I look in the mirror and find a better person, a different being with a brand new outlook to life. I have overcome plenty of obstacles and look forward to overcome more barriers in future.

Let the New Journey begin.

Photo by Vicky Tran from Pexels

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