Reading People (Not My Cup Of Tea)

I am too naive, too trusting. This is what I am often told. I am not proud of it. In fact, I am easily offended by these unintended harsh judgement of my character, though it is true. I do trust people easily. I take people for their words, the actions they portray and never try to unearth the truth behind their words and their intentions behind their actions. I get swayed by their smiles and an assumption that a lie can be easily spotted. Yup! I think I am smart like that.

Unless or until someone else points out to me or I end up falling flat on my face, rather ungracefully and trampled upon, I fail to recognize sinister intentions. I am often told that women have sharp intuitions that make them perceptive enough to understand something amiss. Sadly, my intuitions always seem to be on snooze mode.

More often than not, I have wished that people came with a warning sign. A garish, obtrusive sign that warns me of an ungrateful person or a hypocrite or a compulsive liar. But, then I am being abhorrently naive expecting life to be so simple. Obviously, people are not sign posts that steer you away from danger as life is not a tarred four lane road. In fact, it’s more of a dirty, muddy and uneven landscape that awaits us. We need to pave our own route. When we arrive at a blind alley, we must turn back and try another way. When we fall into a ditch, we learn to scramble out and jump over. When we get sucked into a quicksand, we look for a branch to pull ourselves out. This is how life is. There simply is no easy escape.

So, until I master the game of reading people, I will keep falling, stand up, brush myself, and try again. Not everyone out there are dual faced and among them I have found people I love. And that makes the struggle worth it.

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