The Alter Ego

It’s outright crazy that a person for whom the world revolves only around himself, the Egoist and the person who only talks of himself, the Egotist differentiate by an extra t. When we meet people who are mainly concerned about themselves, that extra t rarely crosses our mind. Frankly, whether they look only for their own interests or brag about their own magnificence, both are Egocentrics who believe they are the center of the Universe. While these people truly grate on our nerves, they are not as awful as those Egomaniacs, who go to extreme measures to destroy anything that may come in between them and themselves.

Now, while most of us do have ego problems to an acceptable extent, there are a few gems, the Altruists who believe in helping people and fighting for causes that benefit others. It’s hard to accept that except for Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi, anyone else can truly put others before themselves. I believe that most Altruists Alternate between their interests and the concern for others, choosing the Alternative that deems best in any provided situation. But this causes an Altercation within themselves, as they Alter their interests. After all, there is bound to be a conflict with the Alter Ego.

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