To Change Or Not To Change

I was an introvert growing up, a gauche teenager among a sea of extrovert party lovers in school and college. It took me a tumble into life’s aching realities, a web of wrinkles and a paint of grey, to convert myself into the ambivert I am today. As an adroit ambivert, I have quite successfully mastered the art of managing with or without the company of people. Now, adopting this lifestyle shift has been both an accomplishment and an advantage.

Change is inevitable, but specific aspects would be most advantageous if left unchanged. You cannot expect your misanthropist neighbor to consider anthropology or transform into a philanthropist. A misogynist taking up gynecology as a career seems quite sinister. I have encountered monogamists who have converted into bigamists and polygamists. But forcing a misogamist being into marriage does not bode well.

Changing a lifestyle requires one to come close to adopting an ascetic mode of life. It is not effortless, not impossible, and at times not safe. So, I can safely conclude that an alteration in lifestyle is seldom always benevolent.

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